Modern log cabins & luxury log homes

Nordicasa Design & Construction is a construction business rooted in thousands of years of scandinavian traditions of building handcrafted log houses and luxury log homes, which we have successfully married with contemporary advances in engineering. Click to amplify

Add a touch of minimalist design and the result is a fashionable scandinavian

modern log home

We can fill any order that can be crafted from logs, traditional or contemporary. We don’t have a selection of standard floor plans or standard log home designs – and we never will. We only work to special orders, creating scandinavian quality log homes that are hand crafted and have each their own unique look and feel.

We supply you with all materials and build your dream home. Anywhere in the world.

We specialise in building modern custom-designed modernluxury log cabins. Nordicasa log homes are special – not just by their look and quality but also by the materials and modern technology used to create them.
We abhor
words such as ‘catalogue‘ and ‘identical‘. A catalogue operation is used to sell cheap sheds and huts, and any standard solution is merely an easy way out for those deprived of imagination or opportunity. Our luxury log homes are like tailor-made suits or wedding gowns – they’re not available for rent and they can’t be bought from a budget store.
An S-class Mercedes and a Volkswagen Polo are both solid and dependable German motors.
Yet, they are also separated by a world of difference. Vahemeri

Most of our modern design luxury log homes employ the
dovetail corner joint – a complex and expensive way of joining two walls which is also very elegant and highly weather resistant.

The dovetail corner joint is an important contribution to the aesthetic purity of your

luxury log home design

Our mission is to supply the customer with a modern log home, with personalized floor plan.

Ours is an individualist philosophy – we believe that each and every one of our customers has a strong sense of personality, and that this personality should find an expression in the unique look of his or her modern

log home

If you have not yet found an architect specialized in wooden architecture to give shape to your desires, we can assist you to find one to design the log home of your dreams.

If you like what you see on our homepage, we are sure that our construction quality will meet with your approval. Bring your project to us and we build it with care. Hispaania kinnisvara